Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two holiday bears. One was a special order that is now an orphan. He is a fantastic red faded bear with a vintage trim and velvet leaves. The faded color is a new koolaid dyeing method I have been working on it makes a great faded color. I also have a piece of pink that I'm making a new bear with.

The other is a sweet little white bear in a child's red slipper. She has a vintage gold feather tree ball around his neck and his slipper is stuffed with vintage Christmas trims. The red bear is a special $145 including shipping and the bear in the slipper is $132 including shipping.

Also a blue panda for $150 including shipping.


Sharie Reetz said...

Hi,I love your little bears and would like to share my blog award with you!Visit my blog for more details!~~~Hugs...Sharie

Sharie Reetz said...

Hi again!Not to be a pest,but I thought I would also share a tag game with you.It's the 6 random things about yourself and you can find all the details on my blog if you would like to participate.Nice talking with you againxxxxSharie

Rosabears said...

Your bears are so special. They make me smile they are so cute.
greetings from Holland

Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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