Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fat little red bear.

New little fat red bear. He is ~8" tall and has an exceptionally large belly. He's been hanging out on my work table, I suspect he's been sneaking into the excelsior every night. He has a vintage collar with a cute little round button and a vintage pinback. Available for adoption for $ 159 which includes travel fees in the US.

Here he is with the 12" lavender panda that is currently on ebay.


pussman and co said...

Super bear!
Let him eat the exelsior!
Suits him well his tummy;)
I was looking for an exelsior supplier and have found one in Canada but they dont ship to Europe!

Anonymous said...
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Zhanna said...

Hello! I am the final and proud owner of the red sweetheart :) He is now a part of my work place inspiring me! Thank you for him very much :)

pussman and co said...

congratulations zhanna!
I am a little bit jealous! ;)
I am thinking about buyng one too!
A little pink one with a white dress.

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