Monday, November 23, 2009

Little itty bitty pink dog!

Here is my little pink dog in a slipper. He is only about 4 inches tall and sits in wool slipper with a wool pompom on top. I dusted the slipper with a little vintage mica for that shimmery winter effect.

Also a pink bear and a brown bear.


pussman and co said...

OOOOO what a lovely little boy!!
looks like he comes right out off the bath tob.
I love your animals.
I am expecting some new mohair that I have ordered and I missed an UPS delivery today, GRRRR¡
Ohh and I really am stuck, because I run out off everything,
I ordered some coloured mohairs and am very curious,
Bye and good luck,

Sharie Reetz said...
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Sharie Reetz said...

I just love this pink little doggy,my goodness he is adorable!!!!I was also fond of the blue teddy in the stocking,he was also a sweetie!~~~sharie

Eat Cake! bears said...

Thank you guys! I really loved how the pink puppy came out. Will be using that pattern again.

Sharie - love you new bear design.

Pussman - wait til you dye your own mohair, you will never buy predyed again. It is a lot of fun to see the different colors you can come up with.

ginger@bearbits said...

They are all very neat creations but I especially like the little puppy! The mica is a nice touch.

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