Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poor Poppy.

Well, my little faded red bear did not find a home this time. But I'm glad she didn't because I have a great plan for the first holiday bear of the 2010 season! She is going to get a little winter white wool felt jacket and hat and a Santa button to go along with it. Maybe even one of my bottle brush trees. I promised her she would look great in this new outfit and would easily find a new home.

Also have new little guys in the works, I am calling them my Petit Pals. I have a brown bear and a cute spotted pink dog almost ready. Once I saw the spotted pink mohair for the dog I had to make one of my bears with it too. She's turning out sweet.

But alas, the new bears will have to wait a little until I can complete my daughter's Halloween costume. She is going as Katy Perry, cupcake bra and blue hair version. What was I thinking?


Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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