Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two great new bears!

ADOPTED! Thank you to two repeat adopters!

The pink and white panda is only my third time I have enlarged my original Eat Cake! bear pattern to a 12" bear. The other two were custom orders, so this is the first time one has been available for "open adoption." She is lovely, made from hand-dyed pink and white. The mohair for her body and for her head are different type of mohairs. She wears a vintage white cotton doll dress that I altered to fit her. She also wears a vintage silver pin with her initials on it M. G. A. - Mary Gertrude Ashworth. Mary is $200.

The other new bear started out being a simple brown bear. Well, I just kept aging him and adorning him. He is my original Eat Cake! bear and is just over 8" tall. He is made from a sparse mohair that I then aged so he looks like he has been well loved. He has stitched "repair marks" from being so well loved! He wears a very sweet vintage doll blue polka dot shirt that had this cute little holes that someone made that I threaded a vintage ribbon through. His paw pads are a vintage pink crushed velvet. He also wears little mittens that I crocheted out of a pale green cotton thread. His name is Brownie and his adoption fee is $169.

Both bears will be listed on ebay later today.


Starina said...

Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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