Monday, January 10, 2011

Gertrude, a big 17" vintage bear

She is a lovely large bear made from a lovely fluffy cream mohair that has been aged to a little vintage perfection. She took me some time to create, even though she is big she is still hand stitched. I stitch all my bears twice and then fray block all seams. She has cute little ears, glass teddy bear eyes, and a rough stitched nose. I found this old cotton darning thread in brown and gun metal colors that I used and it turned out great. She also has stitched claws with the same thread. The thread is delicate and it took several tries because I was treating it a little too rough. There is so much going on with this big girl. She wears a vintage green dress with pink crochet trim that I have been saving just for a large bear. She also wears a pink doll sweater that his seen better days. It has been washed a little too much and is felted and has some holes. She is adorned with her favorite magnifying glass that hangs from a string of green sparkly glass beads. On her sweaer she wears her initial on a glass etched glass lense that is attached to her sweater on a piece of vintage pink ribbon. She also wears a vintage pinback that says "Be my Jazzy Baby." She comes with her own little blue bear that is just as sweet as she is. She is a little weighty, filled with a combination of cotton, wool, and steel shot. All my bears are overdyed, aged and well plucked for that well-loved, long ago look. She is available on ebay with many more photos.


Amanda said...

She is stunning. I'd love that coat for me!

pussman and co said...

Oooh! She is so prewtty! I love the colours of her clothes! Congratulations!!
Happy New Year to you!

pussman and co said...

Oooh, I misspelled pretty!!! :(

rainy sundays dolls said...

Just found you, OMG your little creations are superb, love ALL of them, please keep them coming, and all by hand ?
WOW, you must have the patience of a saint lol!

Prim's by Kim said...

she is amazing xoxo

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Lucy Belle
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