Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another 17" bear, a sweet pink and tan panda.

She is so sweet. Notice how my granddaughter approves of the new bear. Another Birdie approved bear! Valerie is hand-dyed and completely hand-stitched. She is big and weighty and just a lovely Valentine. She has vintage brown teddy bear eyes and a sparse stitched nose from vintage darning cotton. She also has claws made from the same cotton. Her paw pads are made from a vintage white military wool blanket. She wears a pink felted heart around her neck from a ribbon and a vintage pinback that says "Oh figs. Let's make a date." She comes with her own little red bear that is also just as sweet as she is! She is available for $298 plus travel fees.


Southern Bears said...

I would love to follow your blog but cannot find the link!!

Pat xx

Leny said...

Hi Babette,

I love your work!

Would follow but there is no link,


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Lucy Belle
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