Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mother and baby bears. The color is a very sweet kind of pale blue. The mother bear is one of my original Eat Cake! bears and she wears a very pretty cotton doll dress. On the front of the dress is a vintage MOP and wire Mother pin. She has glass eyes and wool paw pads. She has been distressed for that worn, well-loved look. Her baby is a small (6") bear that is much smaller in scale. He has black glass bead eyes and a brown stitched nose. This is the first one of these in this pattern. I wanted a more traditional look and think he turned out pretty good.
The pair are $210 and includes travel costs.


Sharie Reetz said...

Hi!I just had to pop over to say how much I LOVE this pair!I first seen them on TT and was blown away by their beautiful color!Wonderful job~~~sharie

Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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