Thursday, September 3, 2009

New bears and an old one.

Here are some of the bears I will have ready this week to go to new homes. The orange and blue bear are made from sparse short mohair. The orange one is obvious ly a Halloween bear ($189). She has dyed black pom-poms and a crocheted witch's hat and mittens. The panda is the old one still available, the white one next to him is a just a new design I was working on and have made changes since I made this one. He is made from creamy felted wool (sewn) and then more wool needle-felted on to give him that fuzzy look. Last but not least is the pair of blue bears. The blue is very pretty and this pair includes a mom and cub ($210). She is wearing a vintage doll dress and a vintage MOP and wire "Mother" pin. The cub is my "normal" traditional bear pattern I have been working on. He has glass bead eyes and a brown stitched nose.
The panda has been adopted.


Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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