Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This week I have a great red bear with a vintage doll sweater and hat (removable). He looks so cute all dressed ready to go out. I also have another pair, this one is a larger12" bear with a little 5" bear. These are the largest and smallest bears I make. I thought the little faded black bear would be great with this lovely brown bear with mop and black buttons. He also wears a vintage merit badge on his polka dot coat.

The red bear is $179 and the Big Brown bear and his little pal are $225. Both include travel costs to the US. You can adopt them by sending me a message at eatcakevintage@yahoo.com or they will be listed on ebay in the near future. Thank you for looking at my blog and bears!


Amanda said...

I love the red bear, really works well. Amanda x

Zhanna said...

Hello :) Your red bear is wow, does he have a name?? Hes a real sweetheart, alot of character :)

Prim's by Kim said...

Ahh, that red bear is TDF!! Simply amazing.

Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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