Friday, December 16, 2011

Virginia's bears.

These little ones are part of a new type of bear I am making. They are under 8" tall. They are loosely 5-way jointed. The mohair is plucked and very worn in spots. They are not shaded and simply adorned with a ribbon and button. Their eyes are vintage shoebuttons, and they have worn noses that are stitched with different vintage cotton darning threads. These little guys are available for $59 each plus travel costs. Contact me at or through my facebook page - Eat Cake! bears.

This red bear shows the difference between my "regular" bear and Virginia's bears.


Amanda said...

As always, gorgeous!

pussman and co said...

They are all lovly, as always! Love the type mohair you use.
If you ever want to swap, I am a candidate!;)

Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle
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